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Welcome to Global Hire IT Limited, where innovation meets talent to shape the future of IT recruitment in New Zealand. Our journey began with a visionary founder, determined to revolutionize the recruitment industry and redefine the way IT professionals connect with fulfilling career opportunities. At Global Hire IT, we pride ourselves on being trailblazers, leveraging cutting-edge technology and a novel approach to empower candidates and employers alike.

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Our Founding Vision

Global Hire IT Limited was founded with a bold vision - to succeed as a leading force in the recruitment industry while transforming the traditional work-life balance paradigm. Our founder recognized that the pursuit of a fulfilling IT career need not compromise personal well-being and family life. Thus, we pioneered a novel approach, offering our valued employees the luxury of a four-day work week, fostering a balanced, thriving workforce.

Innovative Talent Attraction

At Global Hire IT, we harness the power of innovative technology to attract the best IT talent from all corners of the globe. Our AI-driven candidate sourcing techniques ensure precision in matching skills with job requirements, presenting employers with a pool of exceptional candidates. With seamless immigration support, we break barriers, enabling overseas IT professionals to explore enriching career opportunities in New Zealand.

Industry Leading Certifications

At the forefront of industry excellence, we take great pride in upholding the highest standards and practices. Every member of our team holds accredited and certified professional memberships, underscoring our dedication to delivering unmatched quality and ensuring client satisfaction. As innovators, we proudly introduced the industry's inaugural real-time payment system in 2024. This groundbreaking initiative empowers our valued candidates, allowing them the flexibility to access their hard-earned wages at their convenience.

Flexible Work-Life Balance

At Global Hire IT, we believe that a balanced and contented workforce yields the best results. Our flexible work-life balance approach sets us apart, empowering our employees to excel both personally and professionally. This novel initiative not only nurtures loyalty but also attracts top talent seeking a harmonious career journey.

Join Our Vision

We invite candidates and employers to join our vision, where innovation, inclusivity, and excellence converge to shape a brighter future for IT recruitment. Whether you are a skilled IT professional seeking growth or an employer in pursuit of exceptional talent, Global Hire IT Limited promises a transformative experience.

At Global Hire IT Limited, we are driven by innovation and the pursuit of excellence, constantly raising the bar to redefine the recruitment landscape in New Zealand. We welcome you to be part of our inspiring journey, where technology meets talent, unlocking limitless possibilities for your career or organization.

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Corporate Responsiblity

At Global Hire IT Limited, we believe that corporate responsibility is at the core of our business ethos. As a responsible and ethical recruitment agency, we are committed to making a positive impact on the IT industry, the wider community, and society as a whole. Our corporate responsibility plan outlines our initiatives to promote ethics, equality, and recognition in the current market while actively contributing to social inclusion and empowering skilled IT professionals to find meaningful employment in the disability sector.

Promoting Market Ethics and Equality:

a. Ethical Recruitment Practices: We pledge to uphold ethical recruitment practices that prioritize candidate welfare, ensure fair selection processes, and safeguard against discrimination or bias.

b. Diversity and Inclusion: Global Hire IT Limited is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We actively seek to connect employers with candidates from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, fostering an inclusive work environment.

c. Pay Equity: We advocate for pay equity and transparency, ensuring that IT professionals receive fair and competitive compensation based on their skills, experience, and contributions.

d. Environmental Responsibility: We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by adopting sustainable practices and encouraging paperless operations wherever possible.


2. Corporate Citizenship and Recognition:

a. Supporting Local Communities: Global Hire IT Limited actively engages with local communities, supporting charitable initiatives, and contributing to causes that align with our values.

b. Employee Recognition: Our corporate responsibility plan includes implementing employee recognition programs that celebrate outstanding contributions and achievements within the organization

c. Client Partnerships: We collaborate with clients who share our commitment to corporate responsibility, recognizing and rewarding organizations that embrace ethical practices and social responsibility.


3. Empowering Skilled IT Professionals in the Disability Sector:

a. Training and Development: We design specialized training programs to empower skilled IT professionals interested in contributing their expertise to the disability sector. These programs enhance their capabilities and ensure a smooth transition into this rewarding field.

b. Industry Awareness: Global Hire IT Limited actively raises awareness about the potential of IT professionals in the disability sector, encouraging employers to recognize the value these individuals bring to their organizations

c. Partnerships with Disability Organizations: We forge partnerships with disability organizations and support networks to create a strong network of IT professionals interested in contributing their skills to the disability sector.

d. Nurturing Inclusivity: Our corporate responsibility plan emphasizes the importance of inclusivity in all aspects of the recruitment process, ensuring that candidates with disabilities are provided with equal opportunities and a supportive work environment.